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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Members

1) Is there an age requirement to be an NG member?
18 years or older.

2) What information do I need to sign up?
You only need to provide your name and email.

Or sign up with Facebook.

3) How much does it cost to become an NG member?
Signing up for a member account is completely free.

4) Are there any fees with NG Rewards?
There are NO hidden fees.

5) How do I refer my friends?
Refer your friends with your referral username.

6) What’s the max number of people I can sign up in my network?
You can refer as many friends as you want!

7) Is it only the people that I refer that I receive earnings from?
No. You also receive earnings from the people that your members refer, without any added fees.

8) How do I claim my rewards at NG associated businesses?
Pay businesses using your member account. Complete the Pay Bill feature.

9) When will I receive my rewards?
You receive NGCash after every Pay Bill purchase.

10) Where can I pay with my member Account?
Redeem your NGCash at any business found in our NG Rewards app.

11) How do I redeem my rewards at associated NG stores?
Through the Pay Bill online payment feature in your member profile.

12) How do I make purchases from online businesses?
Through the Items section.

13) Does the balance in my NG Account expire?

14) Can I transfer balance from my NG Account to other members?
Yes, through our Transfer feature.

15) What to do if I forget my password?
Press Forgot Password? and enter the email that you used at sign up.

16) How do I cancel my NG Account?
Call NG Customer Services. Call will be recorded.

17) Can my NG Account be inheritable?
Yes. Contact NG Customer Services.

If you have any question that is not currently included here CONTACT US !

FAQs Merchants

1) What is the cost to join NG Rewards?
Joining NG Rewards is free!

2) What is the minimum percentage Merchants can offer?
6% is minimum.

3) How do Merchants capture rewards?
NGCash is rewarded to members after they make a purchase through the Pay Bill feature.

4) Can I monitor my sales to NG members?
Yes, through your merchant profile. You can view purchases by member number, name, purchase amount, and date.

5) Can merchants sign up their own members?
Yes by sharing their usernames with customers.

6) How do I benefit from signing up my current clients to NG Rewards?
a) NG Rewards has created the best rewards app that benefits shoppers
b) Existing clients will bring you new clients
c) You (merchant) receive earnings from every purchase your affiliates make at any NG associated business

7) What is the advantage of offering rewards as opposed to coupons?
Rewards guarantee that customers return more often, and with our app customers invite their friends to visit NG associated stores.

8) Do businesses require special equipment to work with the NG Rewards app?
No special equipment is necessary. Our app is operated through any smart phone with internet access.

9) What options do Merchants have to charge NG members?
Members can pay business with credit/debit cards.

If you have any question that is not currently included here CONTACT US 

FAQs for Sales Agents

1) What are the requirements to be an NG Sales Agent?

+ Receive training and become a certified NG Rewards LLC Sales Agent.

+ Be 18 years or older.

+ Have a smartphone to upload your newly registered businesses.

2) What are the benefits of NG Sales Agents?

a) You will receive 1% or more of the total sales of the businesses you sign up.

b) Weekly checks from NG Rewards LLC.

c) Exponentially increase your Network and member account balance.

3) Does NG Rewards assign territories for Sales Agents?

No. Sales Agents are free to sign up businesses from any city.