Blog 30: Future - July 30, 2019, jreyes

Always plan for the future. Strategise how you want to shape your brand in the long run, how you want to scale your company, and what legacy you want to leave behind. This is the job of business owners, aside from everyday duties, have. The only way to impact the future is by working in […]

Blog 29: Choices - July 29, 2019, jreyes

Life is what you make of it, and in business this is certainly true. You make choices. Choices have consequences. The choices that you make directly affect the success of your business. You have the choice to get better at your craft. Whether it’s selling, public speaking, design, film, etc., you decide how much you […]

Blog 28: Caring - July 29, 2019, jreyes

As an entrepreneur you have to be caring for people. You have to care for your employees and you have to care about your customers. Nobody wants to do business with somebody that is unkind and does not care about the interest of the other person. With your customers you have to be caring the […]

Blog 27: Long-term game - July 26, 2019, jreyes

Many entrepreneurs are playing a game where most, if not all, of their decisions are focused on short-term earnings. When you do this, you lose focus of the big picture. You lose sight of the legacy that you want to leave behind. When you look for short term ROI, you make decisions that compromise the […]

Blog 26: Speed - July 25, 2019, jreyes

You have to know how to manage your speed in business. The speed at which you move to gain new clients is different than the speed needed to correct an issue. Finding the rate at which you move and react is critical to your brand’s success. Being in the B2B industry, I have to move […]

Blog 25: Listening - July 24, 2019, jreyes

Listening has become a strength for me when it comes to doing business. You have to be a better listener than a you are a better speaker in these meetings. You have to listen and pay attention to what the other person is saying and then think about what you’re going to bring to the […]