For so long small business owners have played catch up to the marketing strategies that major corporations have used. From television ads, radio ads, to newer methods like paid ads on social media and more.

Small businesses have a disadvantage when it comes to a marketing budget compared to these big companies. Small businesses can’t afford to pay the millions of dollars spent on Super Bowl commercials that big companies can.

Building a community is the biggest advantage small businesses should go all in on. Answering every message or call that comes to them, and replying to every social media post that their supporters make. Direct relationships is what small businesses should strive for.

Instead of paying third parties to advertise them, small businesses should directly invest their marketing budget with their consumers. What better way than to invest in your customers who already love what you sell, who visit you weekly, and who tag your business on their social media.

These customers are your brand ambassadors. They’re loyal customers who go the extra mile to promote your business because they genuinely enjoy doing business with you.

It’s time small business owners recognize that targeting casual consumers is not the way to go. Invest in your loyal customers, they already like you.