Members Earn NGCash

Earning NGCash is easy and simple:

Shop from a participating business in the NG Rewards app.

Earn NGCash

Share your username with friends and earn NGCash from their purchases.


How Can I Spend NGCash

NGCash is our digital currency that is accepted at participating businesses. NGCash holds the same value as the US dollar ($1).

Members can spend their NGCash as a method of payment through the Pay Bill feature. Members can also send NGCash to another member through the Transfer feature.


Grow Your Network

Earning NGCash is easy and simple:

Our members can also earn NGCash by expanding their network. Members can share their username with friends through text and social media.

When your friends sign up, you earn NGCash from their purchases.We developed this rewards app to help people buy what they need and get rewarded in the process.

Member Features & Tutorials

  • Create a unique username that you would like to share with friends.
  • Redeem your NGCash at any participating business in this feature. Earn NGCash every time you complete a payment.
  • Send and receive NGCash safely with your friends. Just type in their username and the amount you wish to transfer.
  • See how many of your friends are on NG Rewards and how much your member network is earning you.
  • Use this feature to share your username with friends through text or social media.