Knocking on doors

There’s no trick to becoming successful. No matter what industry you’re in, you have to put in the work. You’re not done once you’re at the top, it gets harder. You have to keep knocking on doors.

For me, I literally had to knock on doors. I went business to business promoting my brand. Very quickly I learned that time is crucial for small business owners. Time spent on listening to me was time that business owners could’ve had to make a sale or train an employee. I had to come in fast, and come in with value. I wasn’t looking to sell them something, I was looking to see if I could help their business. If they didn’t see the value that I could bring them, then I would thank them for their time and knock on the next business’ door.

When I need to hire someone, I also need to go knock on doors. I have to message everyone and bring value to them. For people who join the team, they have to invest their time and resources, so they have to believe in my vision and what I bring to the table.

Whatever stage you’re in, you have to be willing to grind. The second you aren’t willing to, is the second you make yourself vulnerable to failure.