Feedback has to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Feedback helps you improve your product, stay on top of your market, and helps understand your audience.

When someone gives you feedback, you have two options. Fix it, or ignore it. There’s direct consequences to these. Not all feedback should be taken with immediate response. Sometimes you have to sit on it and visualise how fixing this one piece of feedback affects the rest of the brand.

If the feedback you receive comes from someone without merits, ask why they gave that feedback and how it will improve the project. If the answers given do not match with your goals and vision, do not act on it.

Not all feedback should be accepted. Numerous times I was told to include fees in my business model. Their reasoning was to create capital and have the users take the business serious. While there is some truth behind these concepts, charging fees was not part of my long-term goals. Charging fees would give me short-term profits, but would jeopardize my brand in the long run.

Stay true to your brand.