Whether it’s earning trust or handing it out freely, trust is important in business. There’s a time and place when making people earn your trust and handing it out freely is appropriate. You have to evaluate what it is that you’re placing your trust in.

Trusting your employees is a huge driver to your company’s success. Letting your employees do what you hired them to do will give them the self-esteem to take action and be creative. Holding a tight leash will damage productivity and employee morale.

When it comes to business partners, you have to earn their trust and they have to earn yours. You have to know who you’re dealing with and how they work. If the two of you do not work well together than you shouldn’t be partners.

With your customers, you have to earn their trust. They’re investing their time and resources on your product. If your product malfunctions, you have to fix it. If they see flaws in your product, ask how you can improve it. Business owners have to earn their customers’ trust every single time.