How Members Make Money With NG Rewards?

Members Make Money

Today I’m blogging about how we pay NG members. It’s super easy, it’s super quick, and it’s free! All you have to do is visit our website. After you receive your free NG Member number, go to any of the businesses that are found on our website, and make a purchase. As soon as you pay, provide them your member number or your phone number and the merchant will capture your reward. Then, sign in to your profile and see how many NG Points you received from that purchase.

Online Currency

One NG Point equals one dollar ($1). So that means if you have five NG Points, that means you have five dollars ($5). You can use these NG Points to make a purchase next time you go back to that place or any other store in our website. It’s super easy and super quick.

Networking Works

Another way that you can earn even more NG Points is by inviting your friends to NG Rewards.  Have your friends sign up using your member number or your phone number. As soon as they accomplish this, they’re in your network now. And whenever they make purchases in local businesses, they’ll receive NG Points, and you’re also going to receive NG Points. Not just once, not just twice, EVERY SINGLE TIME!