Throughout my four years of work, I have learned that my greatest weakness, the thing that has held me back from making the greatest impact, has been fear. The fear of not knowing if people are going to take me serious because of my age, the fear of not being knowledgeable enough to make deals, and the fear of being judged by people close to me.

To this day I’m still fearful of all of these things, but I’m not letting them hold me back anymore. Every time I step into a meeting I use this fear, this weakness, as fuel to get things done and to get my points across. When I don’t know something, or I don’t understand something, I ask for help or I look it up that second. My phone has been my go to resource. When I meet with people that I care about, I humble myself and I do not let what I’m doing get to my head.

Everybody has their own battles, but there’s a difference between letting weaknesses hold you down, and making that weakness catapult you to the next level. Be self-aware of what makes you second guess yourself, and address it as soon as possible.