Learn to fail, and do it fast. Don’t dwell on your failures. Learn from them. Find value in them. When you spend time on these problems, it’s time and energy that could be used on finding the solution.

When I ran an early launch, I quickly learned that the business at the time was failing. Not because the business model was defective, but because of the user experience. Being rejected by my peers and business owners, put me in a low energy state of mind. I spent some time questioning my talent, questioning my skills. In retrospect this was time that could have been spent in figuring out a different strategy.

If I had been able to come home, realize that it was a failed launch, and figure out how to improve the user experience, then I would’ve been able to jumpstart the next launch.

I do this now whenever I get rejected in any aspect of my life. I look at the failure, acknowledge it, and start planning a second run. Failure is not a bad thing. Failure is the market giving you a second, third, fourth, and fifth opportunity at providing a better product.