You have to know how to manage your speed in business. The speed at which you move to gain new clients is different than the speed needed to correct an issue. Finding the rate at which you move and react is critical to your brand’s success.

Being in the B2B industry, I have to move quickly in finding new clients. But when it comes to interacting with them, I have to slow down and take my time with each and everyone of them. They’re real people that need to be listened to. Clients have to feel appreciated and have to see the value in me. If I speed quickly through the meetings, they won’t see that I care about their business’ success and will feel like just another sale. Ask questions, more questions, and finally, even more questions.

By asking questions, you do two things:

  • First, it allows you to slow yourself down.
  • Secondly, it allows you to connect with the client by learning more about them.

Once you gain new clients, you will be receiving constant feedback from them. Clients will want to get a better product and a better experience overall. When you receive this feedback, or issues that might come up, you have to move swiftly. There’s no time to make them wait. Get to your client, fix the issue, and let them know that you’re happy to help anytime. By moving quick and doing it sincerely, you keep a happy client and they will have nothing but great experiences to share with their peers.