The NGCards

NG Rewards was working with NGCards during the summer of 2016.

An NGCard was a red, glossy, plastic card with a magnetic strip on the backside. The magnetic strip would contain the member’s own unique “affiliate number.” While the frontside of the NGCard had the member’s name, affiliate number, and the card’s physical expiration printed on it.

The NGCard worked as a gift card. When a merchant went to checkout the member’s order, the merchant would swipe the NGCard on their POS system and the member would pay with their NG Rewards balance.

The issue with this concept was that the magnetic strip on the NGCards were not compatible with all POS systems. In fact, the NGCard was only compatible with a card reader that was manufactured in Asia.

We attempted to implement these card readers in businesses, but in some cases it would disrupt their current POS systems. The risk-reward ratio for business owners at this time was too high.

After the summer of 2016, NG Rewards had to innovate.