Self awareness

Working in the customer service industry, you learn what skills you have that contribute to the company you work for. For me it was the ability to be authentic and sincere with the customer.

When a customer shops with you, they look at several things. Customers will look at the quality of the service, the price, the environment, and many other factors. One of these is the ability for the seller to make a connection with them. This is what I excelled at.

Showing your customer how your services can make a positive impact in their lives, while expressing your passion for it, is the key to selling. It’s like when you showed up to school on a Monday after playing a new video game over the weekend. You go to tell your friends all about it and they pick up on your excitement and decide that they want to get it too. That same connection that you made with your friends is the same connection you want to make with your customers.

Making a connection with your customers is easy when you believe in what you’re selling. If you don’t support it, your customers will pick up on it, quickly.