Life is what you make of it, and in business this is certainly true. You make choices. Choices have consequences. The choices that you make directly affect the success of your business.

You have the choice to get better at your craft. Whether it’s selling, public speaking, design, film, etc., you decide how much you want to get better at it. If you decide to go off talent, then you will only get as far as your talent gets you. But if you choose to get up everyday and work hard to master your skills, then your hard work will take you to places that talent just can’t take you in business.

You also have the choice to be authentic. If you choose to be generic with your customers, they will not feel a personal connection with your brand. It will make your business replaceable when a new company shows up and attracts your customers with their authentic and sincere brand. Each day you should choose to strive to make your customers care about your business and care for what you stand for. Don’t just make them like what you sell. Business is so much more than selling. Business is all about relationships. Choose to be authentic.

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